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Windows Offering the Highest Energy Efficiency in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

A lot of the warmth that escapes a property finds its way out through single-glazed, poorly insulated windows. With the assistance of Sealglaze, you will enjoy energy-efficient Planitherm™ windows that help to reduce your energy bills. Based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, we are committed to delivering cost-effective and environmentally friendly windows that benefit you and your bank balance. Our experienced team also make glazing repairs.

Using Modern Materials

By replacing your existing glass installations with double-glazed Planitherm units, we will improve the insulation in your home, keeping it warmer for longer. Planitherm units have been shown to be the most energy efficient options in the UK and make a solid investment. With Sealglaze, you can also spread the cost of replacing your windows by taking care of one or two units at a time, rather than replacing them all at once.

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